Sunday, June 19, 2005

Daddy's Day

I just came back from hanging out with a friend who I've not seen for awhile now (not that I was longing to see him anyway). Yeah, at least it can be considered as having 'some' social life (and to think I wanted to turn down the offer initially!). Well, some mingling with others apart from the usual people I see everyday is always good. Actually, I'm feeling a little guilty for not really being a good friend since I wasn't part of the conversation most of the time. Maybe it's the effect from the lack of social activity in my life in recent times that I forgot how to socialise! But I think it has to do more with the topic of conversation because with him, he will always talk about school and the Board of Prefects, and I'm really not interested in those topics, not anymore. Why talk of things which are out of your control, makes you disheartened and spoil the pleasant memories, right? Just let it be! Reminiscing is ok...just leave details of what is happening just kills the mood, no?

Well, we were supposed to meet up with a couple of others too, that's probably the reason why I agreed to come out from my hole. :P One is in Singapore now (will only be back maybe next week) and the other (supposedly the person who suggested for this meet-up) didn't turn up for god-knows-what-reason. Maybe finding a restroom for one of his 'photoshoots'?!? ;)

I was actually wondering why they chose today, Father's Day of all days, to meet-up. Don't they have to spend the evening with their dads? I put the question to my friend (whom I ended up spending the evening with) and he told me he asked the same thing to the 'obsessed guy' who put the question back to him. He told me his answer to Mr. Obsession is that both of us (him and me) don't celebrate Father's Day because we don't have dads! I mean, I have valid reasons for not celebrating because my dad passed on years ago but this guy still has a dad! OK, he has issues with his father and all but I think that's just a mean thing to say. You have a dad and you don't even want to acknowledge him, his one and only dad?!? Sigh, he is always an enigma. It's difficult to know what's in his mind, frankly. He always wants to be shrouded in mystery and only he knows why! Can you blame me now for feeling a bit weird spending the evening with him? I mean, I don't intend to offend but it's kinda strange spending time with him, sometimes. I'm just tired of figuring out what's in his mind (and it changes all the time!). Oh well, I have strange sue me! :P


  1. strange friends make your life more interesting...
    (i can't believe that u kept quiet,u not saying much?....sure bo?) :)

  2. I gave only like 25-30% input. :P