Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Myvi + Me = BAD LUCK?!?

Spotted another Perodua Myvi today and guess what....more things didn't work out for me today after the sighting. I'm coming to think that the Myvi and I are just not meant to be together! We seem to generate bad luck whenever together!!! :P

Reached the lab and there were so many of my labmates around (that's surprising) so it was kinda crowded. Didn't get to use the lab computer, didn't have place to be around at the lab, so I proceeded straight to my reading room. Fortunately, I was able to use the internet and do my stuff here without interruption. Then I realised it was nearly 4pm and I intended to draw $$$ from the bank since I'm kinda broke! I rushed over to the bank which is undergoing renovation and hoped they were able to process my transaction. Thinking it was today that the university put my money in, I was really hoping to get some of the money out. Unfortunately, the teller tells me there's no money in my account! Oh dear...that's horrible! Nevermind, I am still able to survive with whatever I have left at the moment. :(

Drove all the way to Pulau Tikus to get my haircut (yeah, it's kinda long already). Good, no customers. Since I felt a bit tensed and I had a slight headache, I was really looking forward to the massage while they shampooed my hair. However, I didn't get any! What?!? Alright, maybe he will do it while rinsing my hair and applying the conditioner. Rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse, conditioner, rinse, rinse, towel, dry. Huh? That's all?!? I can't believe I didn't get the head message when I so badly needed it! Oh, man! Even the bad luck is spreading to my haircut?!? NOT GOOD...this is just not good!

Since I was in town getting my hair done and I had time to kill before my engagement later in the evening (which was just nearby), I thought I should take up the offer of meeting-up with a very old friend who has been quite eager to do so for sometime now. Unfortunately, I was turned down in favour of a wedding ceremony on a Wednesday night and a vegetarian menu at that! What luck! Just imagine, my plan was foiled because of a wedding on a Wednesday night! Wednesday night!!! Who does wedding dinners on Wednesday nights, anyway?!?

So, I decided to go home and catch a short nap instead before my night engagement at Coffee Bean, Gurney Plaza. Met up with some people who I've not seen for a very long time; one of them whom have yet to show us the Redang pictures taken during our visit in 2001! My headache was getting worse so I decided to order some chamomile tea. No stock! Another choice...NO STOCK! Man, what do you guys have anyway? I ended up ordering the something-orange-tea or something like that. Maybe the smell of citrus will help ease my headache. Once again, I was guilty of being a chatterbox throughout the night (yeah, the tea did help) and we ended up talking for close to five hours. I really have to work on that soon! I've to stop being a chatterbox and bring my contribution to conversations to around 20-30%!!! :P

Well, all in was a day blighted with bad luck and minor misfortunes but fortunately, not all was lost. However, I will be more cautious whenever I'm with a Myvi from now on. ;)


  1. free huh nowadays? lepak everywhere...

    don't blame all your bad luck on the Myvi...u wanted a head massage? all u had to do was ask the shampoo girl!
    nice hair cut though, looks good :)

  2. wasn't a shampoo was a 'guy'...if you know what I mean..... ;)

    I didn't want to give him any ideas! :P