Sunday, June 26, 2005

24: Day One

After watching the first season of 24, I really admire how these people could still carry out their duties proficiently although they've been awake and tiring themselves out non-stop for the past 24 hours (or more considering they continued working from the day before!).

Previously, I've not been able to follow this series and from the few episodes I watched now and then (which made me very confused), I knew it would be a good series and after discovering the wonders of BitTorrent, I knew I had to watch it from the very first episode (Season 5 will be screened in January 2006). What I really like about the show is that everything is happening in realtime. However, it just amazes me how the interesting/major events would almost always happen at the turn of the hour or just before! Of course, what I meant was the cliffhangers at the end of each episodes! Undeniably, that is how they have to write each and every episode to keep viewers at the edge of their seats and come back for more! Also, it just seems magical that a particular event will only happen after another non-related event ends. Everything seems to happen so seamlessly and falls perfectly in the timeline without any clashes!

Also, I realised they forgot to link up some episodes which in actual case, would have made the whole story crumble! Take for example at the end of episode 9 when they discovered Jamey had allegedly slit her wrist. Ira Gaines was calling her and the episode ended, leaving viewers wondering how the agents will handle the situation. However, at the start of episode 10, there was no indication that they handled the call. Medics were patching Jamey up and sent her to the clinic. Now, wouldn't Ira Gaines have suspected something was wrong since she wasn't responding, and actually done something about the situation especially since the first assassination attempt has failed? I guess that's scriptwriting for you. :P

The special feature of the show is the multiple screens to show what is happening to different people at different places at the same time. It can get very irritating when there are just too many (and too small), and you just don't know which one to look at! Also, sometimes they make the camera shake or look as if an amateur was taking the shots but it made me dizzy watching these scenes! Well, all in all, this is definitely a good series and I can't wait to catch Season 2 (oh, I've made a mistake...they refer seasons as I meant Day 2). Viewing experience will be enhanced if watched on a HDTV, though. Hmmm...where can I get my hands on RM30k? :P

(picture from BBC)

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