Sunday, June 26, 2005

PSD Crisis: Results Not Sole Indicator of Potential

It's just difficult to find parents nowadays that don't just go to the extremes for their children. Who is to blame them, anyway? They are only wanting the best for their children and rightly so. During the recent PSD crisis, we saw many parents voicing out their displeasure at the failure of awarding scholarships to the nation's top scorers to further their studies overseas. Unfortunately, only a few were able to think rationally and comment with impartiality such as this parent here who wrote in a very balanced letter that looks at the whole situation from a different perspective, pointing out that results is not the sole indicator of potential. I can't agree more since I've been saying this over and over again for so many years now. Unfortunately, not many agree with me on this and we remain being judged firstly and solely by our results (although I've benefited through this process before). Until Malaysians change their mindset from expecting stuff from the government and being kiasu all the time, we can never truly escape from the shackles of the Third World mentality. Are you ready to change?

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