Sunday, June 12, 2005

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If you don't want to spoil your Lost viewing experience, you should look away now. Not that I'm about to reveal spoilers and stuff, it's just that having just watched finish the whole Season 1 last week, some stuff still bugs me about the show. Although the show can be considered officially over, well until Season 2 comes that is, there are still some mysteries left unanswered like those numbers! What are they? I guess we will find out in Season 2.

Alright, my views on the show first. It's a very good show but it started off kinda I lost interest when it was screened on ASTRO but after watching glimpses of the show on and off, I realised it was more interesting than I first thought! So, to catch-up I had to un-Lost myself by watching the whole show right from the beginning again and I truly don't regret that decision. The season finale was the best I've ever seen (or can remember). Well, it's definitely better than Desperate Housewive's season finale, for sure! I don't want to give the ending away like "Did they get off the island or not?" but all I can say is, the final three hours is dedicated to 'The Exodus' with two hours going to the season finale (The Exodus parts 2 and 3). From what I can gather about Season 2, the focus will shift to the other 'residents' on the other side of the island. Intriguing, no?

OK, back to the 'mysteries'. Of course there are plenty more that I didn't bother to list but these are a few that really bugs me. How is it that their batteries can last so long? The batteries for the discman lasted like for weeks before it went dead! The batteries for their torchlights lasted until the very last episode and they were still strong! Didn't Sayid ask for batteries for the transceiver thingy? I would think the discman wasn't a critical device on a deserted island and the batteries powering it would probably be more beneficial powering the transceiver instead! But I guess if he had surrendered the batteries, they wouldn't have a reason to play those songs at the end of some episodes, would they? Another is their fingernails. Did you realise they have manicure-like fingernails? They are also amazingly short after being on the island for weeks! The only person I saw with long fingernails was Sayid (if not mistaken). I was bumped about their beards too. I was wondering how some of them could maintain such clean-shaven faces until I saw Jack shaving. Well, so that I don't give too much away, I better stop here and continue commenting in a different post later on.

Lately, I've also been feasting on the following movies:
I think I've let my computer rest long enough. Time to download Season 1 of 24. I think it is a great show. Again, felt it was boring in the beginning but getting very interesting after watching some of the later episodes. Can't believe they are in Season 4 now! Lots of catching up to do!!!

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