Friday, June 03, 2005

Come Get Your Free Condoms!!!

Not so fast! Do you have HIV/AIDS? No?!? What kind of sick person are you? These free condoms are only for those suffering from HIV/AIDS so we can stop the spread of HIV! Go get yours from 7-Eleven or somewhere! Now, get out of my sight!!!

Yes, the Health Ministry is seriously contemplating on distributing free condoms and a needle exchange programme to injecting drug users (IDUs) to help curb the escalating HIV infections in the country. These methods would be part of the ministry’s harm reduction programme, which would begin with drug substitution therapy. Among the worries are legal barriers to the needle exchange programme under prevailing laws where the drug users will shy away from the programme in fear of being charged for drug abuse, and the view that the Government is encouraging drug use and promiscuity.

Frankly, I'm not too sure about these plans. They do have their benefits but I doubt the Malaysian Government is capable enough to carry out these programmes for them to be successful without the negative issues overshadowing the benefits. I'm just crossing my fingers now.

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