Monday, June 13, 2005

PSD Scholarship Fiasco Drags On

It doesn't seem to end, does it? Just when we thought another chapter of this education mess had passed, something crops up again. When will the Government realise that they just can't please everyone? More disgruntled top scorers made it to the papers today. Fortunately, a concerned taxpayer made sense by writing in to urge top scorers to consider local varsities instead. A columnist also commented about the situation and chose to reflect on the less highlighted side of the issue. I feel the top scorers and the Government should have some common sense when handling with this issue. Frankly, I blame the public for overplaying the severity of the situation, the mindset of the students and their parents for expecting to be rewarded, and politicians using this issue for their own gains. I just find this disgusting. Do something constructive already for a change!

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