Wednesday, June 29, 2005

They're Already Here

Today, Earth goes to war. The much anticipated sci-fi adventure thriller staring Tom Cruise and directed by Steven Spielberg, War of the Worlds premieres worldwide today. A compelling retelling of H.G. Wells' seminal classic, the movie reveals the extraordinary battle for the future of humankind through the eyes of one American family fighting to survive it.

Personally, I'm not too keen to watch this movie as I feel it would most likely not be worth my while. Hey, unless my friend who cancelled on me last week intends to organise another movie outing this weekend, I guess I'll be catching this through my usual channels. ;)

(picture from Paramount Pictures)


  1. argh!!!!
    eh...not alien, it's kshern.... ;)

  2. Muahhahahahhaha.... The movie will bomb.... Cos its Tom cruise....

  3. I didn't really get what you meant...did you mean the movie will be a success because of Tom Cruise or it will flop horribly because it involves Tom Cruise.

    Hate him! He's so stupid to leave Nicole Kidman. Well, I also hate him because he looks better than me and makes more money than me! :P