Monday, June 20, 2005

Victim of Misplaced Anger

To think the day would proceed flawlessly after having experienced my first sighting of the new Perodua Myvi up-close on the road, I was proven so wrong at the first hurdle to be naive in thinking so...and I had so many stuff planned out for the day.

Arrived at the lab and saw some guys replacing the lights. After putting my stuff down and talked to a labmate of mine, I realised there was a really foul smell in the lab. Investigated and turns out the carcasses of sampled fishes were responsible for the smell. So, knowing how my boss despises such foul smell in the lab, I took it upon myself to rectify the problem before he realises it and makes a big fuss out of it. Fortunately, the cleaner was around and helped to clear the dustbins, so I just opened the windows, the door and the exhaust fan to help clear the air. There were actually a couple of people around in the lab at the time and they realised the foul smell too but it amazes me that they did nothing to improve the situation! I also informed the students from the other side of the lab of the smell and suggested that in future, it would be advisable not to leave the carcasses over the weekend to avoid a similar situation. Unfortunately, I received flak for supposedly making it into a big issue for informing and even suggesting to them regarding the matter.

To cool things off, I decided to stop replying to the SMS and sort out the misunderstanding in person instead, since it looks like the SMS were the source of the misunderstanding. Unfortunately, after the incident of being nearly poisoned by the over-exposure of air freshener, I was pissed as hell. Not only was I not appreciated for what I've done, now I'm the victim of misplaced anger. That's definitely the last straw. Being a person not to solve problems by sweeping them under the rug, I wrote a strong worded email to sort things out. Unfortunately, the server went down just as I was about to send the email. Knowing it is better to handle the problem now rather than let it drag on, I printed the email and handed over the hard-copy. I felt that going head-on would be just a waste of time as rationality obviously has gone out the window. I thought to myself, there goes my plans for the day. I'm in such shitty mood, I'll probably spoil everyone else's day too. So, I decided to cancel all my plans for the day.

While driving home, I thought it over and decided instead to proceed with my plans. It would be very selfish of me to cancel on them all just because I'm having a bad day and some social life could actually do me some good! So I proceeded with my plans for the afternoon. In the evening, had tea with a friend I've not seen for a long time now. As usual, there would be lots to talk about between the two of us and I will always be guilty of forgetting the time and continue talking till very late. It turns out we talked for something like six hours. :P

Well, in the end, I was very glad I proceeded with my plans. At least the day was not totally ruined and I didn't let what happened in the morning destroy my whole day. It turns out my night out was so pleasing. It just shows you what a small misunderstanding can do. What I've learnt today is 1) not to 'jaga tepi kain orang'...don't ever help other people save their arse...let them get fried instead or you would actually be the one in trouble, and 2) don't let disappointments ruin your day, you can always turn the day around and it truly did. Valuable lessons indeed. A day to remember and also a day to forget...

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