Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Virtual March Ulsan 2005

The annual whaling commission meeting in Ulsan, South Korea is underway and it seems the pro-whaling nations, led by Japan have hit a snag in their attempts to overturn a nearly two-decade ban on commercial whale hunts. With the Virtual March organised by Greenpeace putting more pressure on the issue, it looks like the ruling will continue to stay that way. A total of 51,161 thousand people from 122 countries took part in the Virtual March by sending photographs of themselves with a banner expressing their concern about the fate of the world's dwindling populations of whales. Have you submitted your photo yet? Join in the effort to save the whales today! Participate in the Virtual March now! Do your part to save the whales....


  1. thanks for showing your support...
    i hope that the commercial whaling bid in korea would falter.

  2. The whales are my heritage too, you know... ;)