Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Day of Celebrations

Today is the Agong's Birthday, meaning it is a public holiday for all. It also happens to be my cousin's birthday! Every now and then, he will celebrate his birthday on the same day the nation celebrates the Agong's official birthday (not the actual birthday) which is celebrated on the first Saturday of June every year. I spent my day watching the first 15 episodes of Lost. It really is a good series and I regret missing in on AXN but hey, thanks to the power of technology and the generosity of sharing, I am now officially ahead of other Malaysian viewers who get their 'fix' from ASTRO. After watching the show, I realised that someone from the production crew must really have a fetish for eyes. In every episode, there would probably be a close-up of someone's eye. The plot did mention something about the 'eye of the island'. Maybe that's the clue that will solve the whole mystery. Now I have to decide between waiting for my fix from ASTRO every week like everybody else or should I just get the rest of the episodes now. Hmmm.....decisions...decisions...

In the evening, I joined in the celebrations of my cousin turning a 'teenager'. It was his 12th birthday and we had BBQ as always when my cousins have birthdays. Had some red wine too which upset my tummy real bad (well, I think it was the wine since I've not taken it for a long time now...). I had just a bit compared to what I'll usually take. I guess I'm more health conscious nowadays. Watched Team America: World Police after that which was kinda disappointing. Contains all the elements you would expect from the creators of South Park but overall, still disappointing.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I received an email from a friend earlier today. Turns out my friend is coming back to Malaysia soon! Now, that's something to celebrate about! :)


  1. free! can sit home and watch tv the whole day...i envy u!

  2. Hey, I had my share of working on weekends, public holidays, etc. :)