Friday, June 10, 2005

Liverpool Allowed to Defend Trophy

Good news for Liverpool fans. UEFA's executive committee has decided to allow the European Champions to defend the trophy next season but they would have to do so from the first qualifying stage. That would mean they will have to play 19 matches if they are to retain the Champions League title. It would be the first time a country would have five representatives in the competition and UEFA has ensured it would be the very last time that happens. From next season, a club winning the Champions League but finishing outside their country's allocation will qualify automatically at the expense of the lowest of the clubs above them. Liverpool's presence next season means that the four other English clubs' financial share in the Champions League will be reduced as the pot is cut five ways. I think it was the right decision. The champions must be allowed to defend their title. Everton also had the right to be in the competition especially after such an amazing season for them. They rightfully earned their place and should have to make way for Liverpool. It would be interesting to see how Liverpool fare in the competition next season when they start defending their title on July 12 or 13. Knocked-out in the first qualifying round, anyone? ;)

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