Friday, June 17, 2005


How many correspondence does it take for PTPTN to actually get your letter? Obviously more than TWO! Today, I received the 'first reminder/warning' asking me to repay my loan or court action will be taken against me! What?!? Their inefficiency has just gone too far! I called them up and explained that I've already informed them previously of my Masters candidature in USM and demanded an explanation for the 'first reminder/warning'. I'm entitled for a postponement since I'm pursuing my Masters degree now and I've informed them TWICE about this, once in 2003 and another time in 2004, and now they are telling me that from their records, they have not received anything from me?!? That is just outrageous! Fortunately, the ladies attending to my call were quite helpful.

After the telephone conversation, I typed the cover letter to attach with the certified copies of my academic transcript and the offer letter I received from USM for my Masters studies (fortunately I still have a copy of each left!!!), and quickly cycled to the post office to send the letter. Hopefully, this time they will receive my documents and maybe reply just so we will know they have received it! Am I even surprised now how they have not received loan repayments amounting to the billions of ringgit?

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