Friday, June 17, 2005


OK, I just have to blog this or I'll just go crazy (go figure!). Recently, I saw my friend's Friendster profile and I was shocked!!! I just found out that he was totally obsessed with his body! He takes pictures of himself (half-naked) in washrooms (supposedly when no one is looking) and posts them up on Friendster! Yucks! I mean, I thought he just wanted to show-off his 'well-toned body' and all but when I realised he's been snapping different photos of his half-naked body in different restrooms at different times, I just felt it's getting a little creepy. Hmmm...I wonder does he ever get caught by anyone while doing that. It's a good thing he has finally found a girlfriend or else I would probably think he's gay or something! Well, I guess everyone has their own obsessions and this friend of mine is just obsessed with his body...but please la, just keep it to yourself! Hmmm...I wonder what my obsession is? Anyone?


  1. That is a little creepy. Why does he go around to different restrooms to do it? Is he homeless?

  2. Beats me...that's why I find it very creepy that he takes off his shirt in restrooms to satisfy his vanity. God knows how long he has been doing that! :P

  3. wow! i hope it's no one i know...that's quite scary!
    what are your obsessions..? hmmm....