Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Eventful Start to June

What a day it was, really! The only way to start a long story is from the beginning, so here goes....

My day started off when I was awakened abruptly by the yelling and screaming of my aunt who was conveniently on leave on Wednesdays. It is her daily routine to scold the maid for whatever reasons and nowadays, she is our alarm clock as her yelling and screaming will just wake the whole house up every morning. Explains why my sleep cycles are all screwed-up, right? It continues even after I've washed-up and was reading the papers. I could feel my head pounding and the stress was unbearable. It has been unbearable for a long time now but I still had to live with it. Now I remember why I moved out to stay at my friend's place for a few months during Upper Six and applied not to be in USM to do my undergraduate studies. And to think my mom questioned the rationale of me applying for far away and peaceful places such as Terengganu and Sabah. I would probably have gone mad if I stayed on in Penang!

Reading the papers just didn't help divert my attention from the 'noise pollution'. Can't blame me when I'm reading silly headlines like suggestions to play the national anthem in cinemas! I decided to escape from the source of my stress by going off to campus earlier than planned. Reached the lab and tried to login to the registration site. It was the first day of registration and I wanted to fulfill my obligations by registering online and paying my fees as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I was unable to access it. An error message keeps popping up whenever I try to access the registration site. Oh well, they don't want my money, I guess.

As I usually do nowadays, I went straight to my reading room at the old Matriculation building. At least I can get my peace and quiet there. Checked my mail and browsed through some websites. Tried to login to the registration site again. Now it works! Alright, time to print out the bill and pay my fees at the Bursary. Damn! It's the old laser printer and the printing quality sucks big time! Well, decided to try my luck and walked to the Bursary with that printout. Fortunately, the clerk was nice enough to accept the blurry printout and I managed to settle my fees. Unfortunately, I didn't know I needed two copies of that bill. Crap! But she said it was fine as long as I printed it myself later. Phew!

Walked back to my reading room and continued surfing the net. Later, the Chinese foreign student I share the room with walked in. We had a short chat and I realised it was probably time for me to leave. My tummy was grumbling! On my way home, I prayed for the 'noise pollution' to have stopped by the time I reached home. It did but it was replaced by my horror at seeing my aunt round-up my brothers and cousins to chop the ciku tree! OK, it needed trimming anyway but knowing my aunt, she will go into extremes and I had to keep an eye on the progress myself. After giving some orders on what to do and what not to do, I went inside to check on my torrents. I've successfully downloaded Catwoman.

Just as I was about to watch the movie, I heard my aunt shouting something about my brother. Being the dramatic person she is, my aunt didn't really help allay the stress and fear arising from the situation but made my family members more panicky. My brother had accidentally cut his index finger with a parang while chopping a part of the tree I specifically said not too. It was a very deep cut and there was a lot of bleeding. Being the calm person in the house at the time, I used my first aid knowledge to stop the bleeding and requested my aunt to send him to the nearest clinic for stitches. Probably due to the loss of so much blood and standing up so suddenly, my brother started to feel faint and collapsed. Fortunately, I was there to support him and break his fall while others were screaming and pulling him back up. After a few seconds, he recovered consciousness and was sent to the clinic.

He received 4-6 stitches (depending on who you listen to) for the cut which the doctor said was very close to the bone but was just a superficial wound involving only skin and soft tissue and no tendon/nerves or the sort were injured. Received medication for swelling, painkillers and antibiotics. After everything has been settled, I received a call from my mom. I've been keeping her informed through SMS. She told us that her boss wanted to check on the wound and pass judgement. In his very own words, he's a KPC. So, my aunt took my brother to see him and I finally had the chance to watch Catwoman which wasn't bad at all.

Later, I checked the mail and finally the statement we've requested for so long from our insurance company arrived. I opened it up only to find it wasn't the one we requested! Went to my computer to call my aunt, who has been helping us liase with the HQ in KL, through Skype. We have to go through the whole process over again! How silly can these people be? It's hell of a long story to begin with, so I won't even bother going into that.

In the evening, I helped finish off trimming the ciku tree and also attended to the mango tree. Washed up, had dinner, called up ASTRO to cancel some channels which my aunt was suppose to for a few months now. There goes Fun & Learning! Boy, will my brothers and cousins be pissed! Nothing out of the ordinary happened after that till I went to bed. I was about to fall asleep till I heard my cousin shouting. I woke up and enquired what was the whole commotion about. He saw a snake going into my grandma's room so my brothers and I, with my cousin and the maid went in to hunt for the snake. We couldn't find it and we were even teasing my cousin that it was just a lizard but he was adamant it was a snake that he saw. In the end, we did find the snake. It was small (about 1-2 feet) and black in colour. We caught it and released it outside into the wild. After watching some news on TV, I decided to end the long and eventful day and went to bed, FINALLY!

What a day it was....what a way to start off the month of June. I hope better things will come after this. I'm too old for all these drama! LOL!


  1. wow...looks like u really have your hands full at home! :)

  2. Tell me about it! I'm going bonkers!