Saturday, June 18, 2005


Yup, that's how I feel now...even hours after what I had for dinner! Today, we celebrated my grandma's birthday which is just around the corner. We went to my aunt's western food outlet and I had Chicken Cordon Bleu since I felt hungry. Actually, I wanted to have the Grilled Fish in Butter and Lemon Sauce but I felt it wouldn't be able to satisfy my hunger. satisfied my hunger alright! We reached home and feasted on a tiramisu ice-cream cake too! Man, the cake was large and everyone had to take large portions! Erghh...have to....erghh...get it...ergh...down!!! Phew! My stomach is not used to such large portions nowadays. Yes, it has shrunk...I don't have the appetite of a teenager anymore! Well, I think it was more of celebrating that my grandma is feeling so much better now since the surgery than her birthday but I guess it's just a double celebration thingy! :)

Oh, today is my friend's birthday too. I have decided to only wish her nearer the end of the day and hope to be the last person to do so. I have this habit of keeping people waiting....hehehehe. Why rush with others to be the first, right? Well, happy birthday to you...that's if you are still reading my blog! :P

Actually, I was kinda bored today but at least I had time to rest. Now, that I can't complain! My cousin bought his first mobile phone a few days back. It's the Motorola C60 and I take pride in knowing I helped him make an informed decision. Well, maybe I'm a little biased against Nokia but Nokia 3220 was still one of the choices I put forward to him since he was so into buying it! I guess it has very much to do with uninformed people and their over-reliance on Nokia phones. They do not seem to realise that there is a mobile world other than Nokia and it's a better world at that! FYI, I'm a supporter of Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson phones. Well, with all the facts laid out to my cousin, he realised what a deal he was getting with better features and at a cheaper price compared to the Nokia 3220! The other phone was Sony Ericsson K508i which was kinda out of his range. Was just helping him to edit and upload MP3s to his phone. Cool huh?!? For a phone less than RM500 and it is also a cameraphone, and all it needed was just a mini-USB cable (which also comes with your digital cameras) and the software (which you are suppose to pay but of course I had my sources...). I might be tempted to borrow his phone but I still like my phone. :)

Watched Finding Neverland today. I really liked it. It actually reminded me of a few things about life that I've forgotten! Very few movies can do that to me, so this is definitely a good movie. I so love the park. I can stay there the whole day just doing nothing! Lovely! I also watched Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason which was very disappointing. I preferred the first one so much more. This one was such a drag....ZZZzzzZzZzzzzz..... At least it was better than Son of the Mask which was plain awful! :P

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  1. glad to hear that u had a good day! and that your grandma is feeling much better :)