Friday, June 10, 2005

Negaraku - Just Sing-lah!

Recently, there has been some 'smart ideas' flying around that the Negaraku should be sung at every entertainment event including before movies in the cinemas. I didn't feel it was necessary to blog about it since it would most likely just disappear as fast as it came into existence, as how such silly ideas usually do. However, the rakyat was threatened with the National Anthem Act 1965 in an article in The Star today, resulting in a fine of RM100 or jailed up to a month for those who disrespect the national anthem. I think this is just silly. Singing the national anthem does not prove that you are patriotic. Everyone has a way to show their patriotism to the country. I'm just sad that the Government had to sink so low as to threaten the rakyat with the Act. At least the Backbenchers' Club chairman Datuk Shahrir Samad had some common sense by saying "After 48 years of independence, why are we still so insecure about the loyalty of the rakyat?". Well said, indeed.


  1. it is pretty dumb isn't it...?hai...

  2. It truly is. To think these people are being paid taxpayers' money to come up with these ideas?!? Astonishing!