Thursday, June 23, 2005


It has been three days now...THREE days without water during the day. What is the PBA doing?!? Not even a notice regarding this matter!

For the first time after many years, I took a cold shower today (hot water bath won't work without water...DUH!). Brrrr.....was it cold! I guess I've been so used to having relaxing warm showers, I forgot how 'awakening' and fun cold showers can be. Well, I kinda enjoyed it. After all, it wasn't exactly a cool day outside. It actually reminded me of my undergraduate years or scout camps when I had to take such cold showers at 5 or 6 in the morning! Don't bother going for face-lifts. Taking cold showers at that time of the day will just pull all your skin tight again! I have to take another cold shower tomorrow? I wonder....


  1. a cold shower is nice once in a while, but i guess if you don't have a choice it's not as fun. hope the water situation gets better!

  2. Thanks. Received uninterrupted water supply from the next day onwards! :)